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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sound of Yesteryears (circa 1957)

It was July 6, 1957. The concert hall was filled with crazed fans. The shrills were deafening. It was pandemic. Well, after all, it was one of the most popular bands of music history that will perform that night. Known as Banda Puti, the band's sounds reverberated along the halls with so much gusto. Their kind of sound made the girls banged their heads while the boy fans shouted like little girls. Well, thanks to Photoshop, they still linger on the minds of their undying fans who, for decades, kept some signed photos and put them on their aged "bauls"(wooden bolts/safe) :) Well, the sound of yesteryears keeps on playing on and on and on. :) (Shown above are the After and Before photos) Photo Manipulation by George Pontino Jr.