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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crouching Laundry and the Hidden Panty (The Making)

Now, it's time for some humor with a martial art twist.
I had so much fun doing Crouching Laundry and the Hidden Panty (sorry if the title offends you). For one, it tested my creativity to the hilt especially in creating a fun yet photo-realistic image. It's hard to achieve a breezy feel to it especially photos aren't moving so it's really a challenge for me to create something windy.
The models are great too since they really put some good acting. Kudos my brothers.
Adding some elements also gave me some pointblank decisions. So as not to clutter the whole photo, I deleted some minor stuff like the birds, for example, which take some attention from the three subjects. The clouds are enough to give some free spirited touch to the windstruck photo manipulation. :) Hope you like this one. :) (click the images to enlarge)