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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Force Field (The Jumper series) The 7-minute Photoshop Manipulation

What does it take to make one wake up very early in the morning. One answer is that the early morning sun heats up around 5:00 am in the middle east during springtime. This could hinder photography adventure especially in Saudi Arabia's Hidden Valley. Good thing it was a sandstormy plus rainy day that we were able to have a picturesque sky and clouds over a gigantic boulders of rock formation. Hidden Valley was our second stop and this is where we had our respite and the site of one of my Jumper series. With Juhn Abutal giving out energy through his jumping skills, I was able to capture dramatic motion shots with just two takes. Whew! We went home as the sun heated up and as the rain bade farewell following a blinding sandstorm. And on the computer, I challenged myself with a very short time limit... And that is, do a not-more-than 7 minutes photoshop manipulation with powerful result. Hope you like this part one of my The Jumper Series..More soon (Click the images to enlarge)