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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cafe Macro (Cappuccino Version)

Once a Upon a Time, I was on a cafe shop in Bacolod City called Cafe Bobs. I was having a conversation with some friends when two men entered the cafe that paved a way to this image called Cafe Macro. Those guys are Photography enthusiasts Jimbo Araneta and Harold Aujero. Jimbo, an ace macro photographer, signaled me to go to them for Harold is selling his Tokina telephoto lens (if you check out the photo there are camera bags and gears in sight). Well, to make the story short, I went home with that dear lens.
Months and months after, upon searching for some images on my harddisk, I stumbled on a shot which I took on that fateful night and I figured out what if we have met on a Macro cafe. This idea would simply relate to photography enthusiasts especially those who are into macro photography. So, here it is... the Cappuccino version and I have another version still on my mind. Maybe this time Jimbo would lend some of his superb macro shots.:)
Soon, maybe I'll do a Macro restaurant, Macro Mall or Macro School to name a few. Remember there's a hidden world within our world.So, Adios amigos! I'm off to see my pretty lady bug. :) Click the photos to enlarge...