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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tonight's Gonna Be a Good, Good Night! (Photographers in Peril-Twilight Saga Special)

(Note: Approx. Working Time - 3 and half hours)
The Twilight Saga continues...
It is my pleasure to give utter tribute to fans of one of the most saleable vampire/werewolf films.
To complete my photo manipulation image, I searched for an ensemble of cast (as if I'm a casting director and as if this is a real film) to give a Twilight aura to it. :) Searching for my Bella was a breeze. She also do photo manipulations and not only that she's a beauty...she's Ms. Earth 2009's Miss Congeniality. Looking for Edward was hard and thank God for Facebook wall technology, I got some willing individuals to do the vampy bloke (Oh, I'm going British english). Other casts I assembled are people whom I have known through Facebook and has eventually become close to me virtually.

Without much further ado here's the list of "my cast:"
* DJ Joel as DJ Wolf of Tau Gamma Phi Triskelion of KSA (Took a shot of him during one of his stance)
* Kirstie Joan as Bella ( photo by Joseph Ong Visit www.flickr.com/photos/joseworks )
* Edwin "Jimboi" Abanil" as Edward Cullen
* Cocoy Roxas as Jacob disguised as a Nikonian Rastaman
* Rxl Baylon as Riley disguised as a Nikonian paparazzi
* Ding Viaje as Blade, the Vampire Slayer
* Dhee AmrHein (Ding's Real-Life Girlfriend) as Esme Cullen
* Chuckie Doll as Unknown Vampire

* Werewolf as itself
* Count Dracula of Sesame street as itself

Cameo Roles:
* Photodropouts Laoag as a DJ spinner (Visit http://photodropouts.blogspot.com/
* The entire cast of Twilight Saga as a DJ spinner
* Count Dracula (old film) - Blade's would be victim :D

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baptism Baby yeah! (Macro World Series)

(NOTE: No insects were harmed during the making)
"I baptize you in the name of the..."
Now, our little Photo manipulation star of the Father's Day Special and Safari Sun goes to the Macro World and this time for his baptism. See the previous posts in my facebook or below for baby Alvi's adventure in life. I preferred a Classic theme since it gives you a more fantasy outlook. I decided to use vintage stuff instead of modern gadgetry like a underwater camera. Oh, well, maybe Potter movies greatly influenced me on this. Hope you like this one.:)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Safari Sun (Photographers in Peril part 5)

(NOTE: No animals were hurt during the shooting of this image and during the 2-hour rush photo manipulation process.)
A spark of an idea can be dangerous...
Well,for my part, my mind takes me to the African tundra, jungle or any perilous place it can imagine. But somehow, it is a creative spark that I like especially while making this image entitled "Safari Sun" starring my godson, little baby Alvi Alob, born in the Middle
East, a place so near to Africa. :) Well, good thing, I took some shots before of animals in dramatic poses like the tigers I posted in the step by step process guide. :)
This image is an answer to the previous photo manipulation that I uploaded via my Facebook account and pixel rocket blog. The question was: Is he a Nikonian or a Canonian? Well, you can find that piece of gadgetry's brand in the tiny hands of our little adventurer now. Who says only Dora the Explorer can take baby steps in the wilds. "AdiĆ³s Pixel Rocketeers! Hasta Luego":)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Doc, Nikonian or Canonian? (A Father's Day Special)

Happy Father's Day Pixelrocketers! :)
Hope you like my ultrasound image tribute to all Father's out there who are either 'Nikonian' or 'Canonian' or...both. These popular Pinoy-invented words seem to lurk nowadays in many people's minds especially to the digital era photography enthusiasts. So, these word slangs gave me an idea of making a photomanip out of a real ultrasound print from a close friend, Natalio Alob Jr., who asked me to be a Godfather of his son for baptism. :) So, days before Father's day, I met up with him and shot several images to become foundations for this manipulated image. Personally, I dedicate this wholeheartedly to my father George Pontino Sr. who introduced me early to film photography by giving me his Nikon FA film camera when I was still in High School. He sacrificed his hobby by sharing it to me selflessly and that paved ways to my capturing the world in my own interpretation. Without that sacrifice, I could have not known photography that early. Thanks papa for giving me a Nikonian trail.Happy Father's Day!(click the images to enlarge)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"We Got No Troubles! Life is the Bubbles!" (Photographers in Peril part 4)

Check out the perfomances of the band at http://www.youtube.com/user/herberthumphrey

Somebody suggested if I could do a Dave Hill-ish style of Photo manip. Well, frankly, as a photo manip artist, I wanted to make my own identity but of course I can't deny that request since Dave Hill is one of the most popular photo manipulation artists out there. If he's a Tiger Shark, I'm still just a little Nemo swimming past him cowering in a wide ocean, dreaming that someday I could be like him, if Father fate intervenes. :) Anyway, here's my way of making that request into reality but of course, I don't want it to be 100% Dave Hill-ish and I wanted it to be visually realistic than being a total drawing-type of output.
Starring in this photo are the great array of underwater creatures, also the three of the five members of "The Sad Dicks" band which is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Sadiq means friend in Arabic) and finally, of course, our unknown 'Photographer in Peril' who is our "almost" hidden subject. :)
Armed with a Nikon D90 and a SB900, I took the shot during the performance of Sadiq band on a farewell party for a fellow photography enthusiast and never in my mind, at that time, I could use this image for an Under The Sea theme. But I guess my pursuit for underwater photography inspired me to do this image and I'm so happy I finished it in less than 3 hours. Whew! Well, see you around, I still have to get my tail stuck from a hungry clam shell. (Click images to enlarge)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Operation: "Kodak Moment" (Photographers in Peril part 3)

War is an ugly thing. There's nothing to argue when it comes to that but besides that making it as theme for a good laugh isn't even ugly or bad right? That's why there's a term called 'spoof' or 'laugh trip'. One day I got a Facebook wall message; a photo manipulation request from a friend who is into war games. He asked for an Iraq theme (sensitive issue, eh?) So, I pondered on an idea and, of course, I wanted it to be light and wholesome and here's Operation: "Kodak Moment" for you to enjoy and share. :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Macro Shooter (Photographers in Peril part 2)

The Macro Shooter is the 2nd part of my "Photographers in Peril" series. The first one was End of Decadence (Going Greek Volcanic) which can be found below this blog and in my Facebook page.
I really had fun doing this image. For one, I used a real person; a fellow photographer who has the striking identity and cool attitude. Second is that I successfully turned my crazy otherwordly idea into something that's conceivable or possible. I could have been made 'The Macro Shooter' as a digital painting but changed my mind by turning it into a photorealistic with a painting touch image instead. So, I decided to utilize fellow Nikon user Lawrence Lee aka "Mais" Lee or "Joker's Bastard Son" of Kubo Photography Group to pose for this idea. :) Shooting him for this image required me a few but challenging seconds because we were on a volleyball court with an ongoing intense game and that using a strong strobe flash could disturb the players. Thank God for Creative Lighting Systems, doing the shot is a flash. Whew! More Photographers in Peril soon. Watch out! :) (Click the images to enlarge)