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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Doc, Nikonian or Canonian? (A Father's Day Special)

Happy Father's Day Pixelrocketers! :)
Hope you like my ultrasound image tribute to all Father's out there who are either 'Nikonian' or 'Canonian' or...both. These popular Pinoy-invented words seem to lurk nowadays in many people's minds especially to the digital era photography enthusiasts. So, these word slangs gave me an idea of making a photomanip out of a real ultrasound print from a close friend, Natalio Alob Jr., who asked me to be a Godfather of his son for baptism. :) So, days before Father's day, I met up with him and shot several images to become foundations for this manipulated image. Personally, I dedicate this wholeheartedly to my father George Pontino Sr. who introduced me early to film photography by giving me his Nikon FA film camera when I was still in High School. He sacrificed his hobby by sharing it to me selflessly and that paved ways to my capturing the world in my own interpretation. Without that sacrifice, I could have not known photography that early. Thanks papa for giving me a Nikonian trail.Happy Father's Day!(click the images to enlarge)