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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Macro Shooter (Photographers in Peril part 2)

The Macro Shooter is the 2nd part of my "Photographers in Peril" series. The first one was End of Decadence (Going Greek Volcanic) which can be found below this blog and in my Facebook page.
I really had fun doing this image. For one, I used a real person; a fellow photographer who has the striking identity and cool attitude. Second is that I successfully turned my crazy otherwordly idea into something that's conceivable or possible. I could have been made 'The Macro Shooter' as a digital painting but changed my mind by turning it into a photorealistic with a painting touch image instead. So, I decided to utilize fellow Nikon user Lawrence Lee aka "Mais" Lee or "Joker's Bastard Son" of Kubo Photography Group to pose for this idea. :) Shooting him for this image required me a few but challenging seconds because we were on a volleyball court with an ongoing intense game and that using a strong strobe flash could disturb the players. Thank God for Creative Lighting Systems, doing the shot is a flash. Whew! More Photographers in Peril soon. Watch out! :) (Click the images to enlarge)