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Monday, June 21, 2010

Safari Sun (Photographers in Peril part 5)

(NOTE: No animals were hurt during the shooting of this image and during the 2-hour rush photo manipulation process.)
A spark of an idea can be dangerous...
Well,for my part, my mind takes me to the African tundra, jungle or any perilous place it can imagine. But somehow, it is a creative spark that I like especially while making this image entitled "Safari Sun" starring my godson, little baby Alvi Alob, born in the Middle
East, a place so near to Africa. :) Well, good thing, I took some shots before of animals in dramatic poses like the tigers I posted in the step by step process guide. :)
This image is an answer to the previous photo manipulation that I uploaded via my Facebook account and pixel rocket blog. The question was: Is he a Nikonian or a Canonian? Well, you can find that piece of gadgetry's brand in the tiny hands of our little adventurer now. Who says only Dora the Explorer can take baby steps in the wilds. "AdiĆ³s Pixel Rocketeers! Hasta Luego":)