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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Get Well Soon..." (Need a Nurse) (-_/-) 37.7 °C

Help! Need a Nurse badly! Got the software sickness? or photomanipulation fever. (click the image to enlarge)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

‎"La Conquista de La Copa Mundial"One World...One Cup (Photographers in Peril part 7)

Andrés Iniesta Tribute WALLPAPER by George Pontino Jr (Free to Download and Share...Click to enlarge)

The Making of the Original Image

Pre-World Cup Championship Tribute

The World Cup fever has come to absolute heights.
The best way to end it is to give tribute to it by a memorable photomanipulation. Using some photos I took of my fellow photographers, some personal photos of photography hobbyists taken from Facebook and stock images, for 3 hours I created this image with such glee and enthusiasm.
I made also a soccer goal in the image of Paul the Psychic Octopus, the oracle animal that has been used to predict World Cup game wins. Words can't describe my feeling on how I came up with the idea. Honestly, I had a hard time thinking on this for days but a last moment flicker of an idea bulb led me to create satisfying output. Hope all of you World Cup fans out there will like this one and share this to friends. Viva! =) Lead stars are Mike Mendoza (Kubo Photography Group member) as the Spanish footballer Andrés Iniesta and Raffy De la Cruz as the goalie. Cameo roles are Ron Velarde (my partner in Vision Team Photovid Studios), Jaevi Agahan, Jenice Dela Cruz-Ecalnir, Arim Isme of Indonesia, Lord Jun Bonache (photo taken by Jomi Garuccho) of Bacolod, Karlo Panahon and Kubo Photogroup members Robert Almario Aka Batman, Anthony de Guzman,Ferlito de los Santos and Derick Mallete.