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Thursday, September 30, 2010

"I Gonna Save My 'Wacky' Prince!" (Mall Mario Mania Experience)

Malling is part of our everyday lives and of course we have our dreams too for our future shopping bags.
Of course, my Bahrain adventure last vacation would not be complete without a malling experience in the island in the sun. And this was taken to a higher level through great friends I met in Bahrain. (M.E.S.S. photogroup)My last day was fun as we dine, stroll and searched for fancy stuff in one of the collectible stores. And with a camera in tow, I couldn't help but shoot my new-found friends with their "dream-pose" per se..hehe. So here it is, a Super Mario dreamlike mall experience the Pixel Rocket way. It's another light and fun photomanipulation from me before my 'darker side photomanips' will arrive in due time..SOON! (^_^)