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Friday, November 19, 2010

MY Parasite (Fallopian Dreams series part 1)

(click to enlarge)

Model: Vaughn Earl Lacson
Model Photography: George Pontino Jr.

Welcome to Pixelrocket RECHARGED!!
It's a return with more powerful images and more series to boot. And to bring you a fresh visual feast is "My Parasite", first from the series called 'Fallopian Dreams' wherein in growth/life and dreams/nightmares are my main recipes. This image is inspired, in one way or another, by OK GO's "This Too Shall Pass (Rube Goldberg Machine version)" music video which is a viral hit in YouTube. "My Parasite" took me some time to finish (maybe around 5 hours) coz of my laptop space problem and of course the intricate DIY machine that I just can't get enough to "perfect"...I'm kind of fickle minded esp it's my first image for the new series. But time doesn't matter coz it's good thing that you tend to make things superb as possible. :) So soon, watch out more series called Brainwashed Nightmares, The Living Anime and of course my old-timer series called Macro World, Photographers in Peril, Can I take Pictures of Your Dreams and more. Check my images from to time to time via this blog or my Facebook and I hope time is on my side to make and upload at least once or twice a week. :) Have a blast of Pixel Rocket... :)