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Friday, December 10, 2010

Adventure in the Corporate Jungle (Photographers in Peril part 9)

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The modern corporate jungle is one place where survival is key.
Most of us, in our quest to get rich or dreams to be richer, trudge on this dog-eat-dog world where deceit, lies, envy, jealousy and politics are prevalent. It is success that inspires us to grasp the corporate life and it is failure that hounds us wherever we are and even in our sleep. But, whatever it takes, one wanted to be successful but this comes with a price as success usually breeds envy. The corporate jungle, like life, is one big arena where envious feelings grow because of competition. It is also a place of work politics where in nobody knows if he is just being played or not. That is, in the name of SURVIVAL.
My new photomanip image is an "apocalyptic" approach to that scenario where the corporate jungle is a just thing of the past. Let's say it's Zombie movie meets Indiana Jones meets Tarzan flick. The depiction of failure is evident and maybe too much negativity pushed the corporate world meet its oblivion: no more meetings, no paperworks, no deadlines, and ultimately no more office politics. But, who knows what lies ahead of this once glorious cash bounty. We just don't know just yet. Still, survival is the key in an adventure in the corporate jungle.