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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Group Hug of Group Hugs: MESS in Atlantis (Photographers in Peril part 8)

Last September 2010, I met M.E.S.S.(Middle East Shutter Squad) members based in Bahrain in flesh whom I only have known or met through the web via Flickr and Facebook. Shooting with them, these guys are the most down-to-earth and cool photographers I've known and we enjoyed each other's company through photography and the 1st Pixelrocket basic photomanipulation seminar. With great hospitality extended to me through out my stay in Bahrain, it was a challenge for me to make a photoshop manipulation for the group as a tribute. So, it took me more than a month conceptualizing the best possible themes: first there was underwater (but I've Been There, Done that already) then a jungle fun tale (cool but can't visualize an epic piece) and lastly the mythical Atlantis. Well, it is a challenge indeed and the lost Atlantis is an EPIC and mysterious place to delve on...it's like a BIG IDEA waiting to explode. So my imagination work eventually. I primarily envisioned a tidal wave then came a lost civilization aura on my head. In the end, It's an utter ADVENTURE when I combined Greek, Egyptian and Aztec stuff to create my ideal Atlantis paradise with an EPIC wave engulfing the place. :) So, how did we saved our selves? Soon you'll know....more Photogaphers ala Indiana Jones! I extremely salute MESS!..keep on shooting! *Click out images to make it bigger! :)