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Saturday, November 26, 2011

UNLEASH THE DRAGON IN YOU Bruce Lee Machine 2011 and 2012 versions

2012 Version of my Bruce Lee Machine (See 2011 version below)

Bruce Lee turns 71 on Oct. 27 2011 and as a fitting tribute, I planned for something unusual and that's a Steam Punk-inspired Bruce Lee re-evolution machine. An martial arts icon that influenced an era and has a legacy living through the years from different media, Bruce Lee's spirit is here to stay. And to complete that, I used the photo I shot of my good friend Christian Aldana. As for the "camoes" there is good friend Jimm Malvar as the journalist/photographer. ShuffleBot (a fun robo costume created by Skippy Gustilo of Bacolod city, Philippines) appears as the machine operator. For the effects, I manually used lightning and smoke to give life to the industrial look. And for the glass case, I used a drinking glass photo which I added some bubbles to create an aqua-capsule feel to it. :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Zombie Attack - Profile Pic Hunting

Model: Me and and My Hands...haha :D
Photomanipulation by George Pontino Jr

As a zombie movie fanatic, making a zombie photomanipulation is one image editing work I should and will do. There's this apocalyptic image in my head that somehow echoes everytime I look at my "Doc" photo which was shot by a good friend. So, what I did is shot my hands acting as a zombie and with inspiration from The Walking Dead, I was able imagine the Zombie era..greenish and scratched film look...(see AFTER image)

With the advent of Iphone apps like Instagram, the film look was revived to a new generation of photo enthusiasts. I was hooked to the point I used that mood here using textures and corroded film in Photoshop. I'm happy with the final image but I'm still planning to keep the "realistic" one :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Mind your Own Business, Coz Business is Good Up Here" (The Living Anime part 2)

Click Images to enlarge

One of the biggest challenges in Photomanipulation is the visualization process. And it's no joke when you wanted a great idea that would simply cross the line between reality and fantasy. Now, with 'BULLY-PROOF and DARK ART Formula', "Mind your Own Business, Coz Business is Good Up Here" is the 2nd part of my The Living Anime project and it shows how the extreme word doesn't only connotes how many layers or light effects present in an image, how I visualized the idea that has "come to life" but also how extreme the title gets :P (It is simply a bully-smasher-Casey Heynes-inspired and it is Anti-bullying esp these days the cyberworld and real life have lots of it.) As for creativity for my Pixelrocket blog, that idea of course projects extreme approach and sky is the limit idea. :) The image stars Cosplayer Sheila Guerrero, a winner of 1st Animotion Cosplaying contest held at 888 mall event center in Bacolod City, Philippines. Watch out for more 'bully-proof extreme photomanipulations' as inspired by Casey Heynes. They "KICK ASS!" (^_^) INSPIRE/ASPIRE! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Living Anime project is finally Here....


THE MAKING (click to enlarge)

After 3 years of waiting, The Living Anime project is here. Every week, I'll gonna share fresh photomanip images and feature visualization process just like my past works. Hopefully, I can continue to inspire you guys :) Behold, the first part of the Living Anime series with our model Kaye Uy aka Bianz Tinta, her cosplay nick. She's a member of Tinta Productions, a cosplayer group based in Bacolod City, Philippines :) Forest Fantasy is featured in the Daily Inspiration no. 31 of Shadowness.com Check it out: http://shadowness.com/dailyinspiration/forum/daily-inspiration-31

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fission of Fear (Taming the Meltdown)

(Click images to enlarge)

Radiation has become the king of today's headlines. Even the word meltdown has become an overused of the radiation lingo and it continues to create paranoia across continents. Though radiation has great advantages ranging from power generation and medical uses, its disadvantages can create unspeakable havoc, paranoia, fear and even the extinction of man. It's more of a foe than a friend when it unleashes it invisible fury. My timely photomanipulation speaks greatly of how fear of a Chernobyl-like meltdown can envelop us and also how hopeful we are that somehow this seemingly "uncontrollable" foe could be finally tamed and contained. Does our fear connotes that it is a sign of the times or does it only shows that man should finally learn the lessons of the past? The Fission of Fear...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photomanip mini-feature and behind-the-scene with Cameraderie Photogroup (in HD)

A video I produced for Cameraderie International with some photos I've taken with the group's models and used for my Photoshop manipulations:

Videography, video editing, animation by George Pontino Jr
Featured Photos, Face painting and Photomanipulations by George Pontino Jr
Music by 30 Seconds to Mars (Closer to the Edge-edited version)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Goddess de Machina (Fantasy ladies series part 1)

(Click images to enlarge)

*TOOLS USED: Photography (Nikon D7000 and SB900 speedlight) Manipulation: (Photoshop Cs3, Wacom tablet and pen, Mac)
Click images to enlarge

Hello there, good news, I'm alive and kicking again. I hope this will continue as I experiment with new Ps stuff, brainstorm new ideas plus enjoying the new Nikon line, the D7000 camera which I used for this image.
Goddess of Machina is not that extreme in a sense but somehow it challenged me on how to make a "simple" portrait into an out-of-this-world by combining my photography and steam punk theme that led to the creation of the mosquito-humming bird-bee-firefly flying metal creature (which I meticulously created from scratch). And of course, thanks to my model Dior who portrayed a Goddess like aura in posing my strobist shot. The two had a great story to tell and I guess that leaves you hanging there what's the real score bout their mysterious stares. hehe. Well, hopefully you like this one. I want to thank Cameraderie photogroup of Riyadh for the chance to shoot Dior.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Photography Monstrosity (SAY CHEESE special):"Strike Anywhere" a digital painting

Concept and Digital Painting by George Pontino Jr (All Rights Reserved)
Hello, it's been a while since my last photoshop manipulation. Well, I decided that I need to hybernate since, first and foremost, I need a fresh project that would provide me with newfound inspiration and imagination. And that is SAY CHEESE! which is a monthly digital painting endeavor featuring photographers in various "viral" situations. Herewith is "Strike Anywhere." Done mainly in Photoshop CS3, this digital painting is actually around for sometime around 2008 but I didn't finish it along those times when I got sick (I had operation) and of course, around 2009 I gave life to Pixelrocket, this blog, which are mainly Photoshop Manipulations based from my photos. But this time, forgive me to give you a once in a month digital paint to give a twist on my blog but I'll stay true to its mission of sharing my Photomanips. Hopefully, it works! :) Enjoy the imagination I poured on this image and hope you'll tweet and facebook this to your friends. Thanks ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

SOON -- "Her Name is Aura"

Happy New Year to all! It's been a long vacation for me in terms of doing Extreme Photoshop Manipulation. It's indeed an amazing year to start off another chapter of Pixelrocket. The year 2010 was the birthyear of Pixelrocket blog and hopefully I can continue to inspire more throughout this year with new series and works. And for now, here's a sneak peek of my upcoming extreme photoshop manip, it's called "Her Name is Aura". It's a 2010 concept that I kept in my head until further inspiration and drive hit me. Well, it hit me eventually but in another year...this year. So, watch out soon..I'll be back for more. :)