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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Photography Monstrosity (SAY CHEESE special):"Strike Anywhere" a digital painting

Concept and Digital Painting by George Pontino Jr (All Rights Reserved)
Hello, it's been a while since my last photoshop manipulation. Well, I decided that I need to hybernate since, first and foremost, I need a fresh project that would provide me with newfound inspiration and imagination. And that is SAY CHEESE! which is a monthly digital painting endeavor featuring photographers in various "viral" situations. Herewith is "Strike Anywhere." Done mainly in Photoshop CS3, this digital painting is actually around for sometime around 2008 but I didn't finish it along those times when I got sick (I had operation) and of course, around 2009 I gave life to Pixelrocket, this blog, which are mainly Photoshop Manipulations based from my photos. But this time, forgive me to give you a once in a month digital paint to give a twist on my blog but I'll stay true to its mission of sharing my Photomanips. Hopefully, it works! :) Enjoy the imagination I poured on this image and hope you'll tweet and facebook this to your friends. Thanks ;)