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Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Mind your Own Business, Coz Business is Good Up Here" (The Living Anime part 2)

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One of the biggest challenges in Photomanipulation is the visualization process. And it's no joke when you wanted a great idea that would simply cross the line between reality and fantasy. Now, with 'BULLY-PROOF and DARK ART Formula', "Mind your Own Business, Coz Business is Good Up Here" is the 2nd part of my The Living Anime project and it shows how the extreme word doesn't only connotes how many layers or light effects present in an image, how I visualized the idea that has "come to life" but also how extreme the title gets :P (It is simply a bully-smasher-Casey Heynes-inspired and it is Anti-bullying esp these days the cyberworld and real life have lots of it.) As for creativity for my Pixelrocket blog, that idea of course projects extreme approach and sky is the limit idea. :) The image stars Cosplayer Sheila Guerrero, a winner of 1st Animotion Cosplaying contest held at 888 mall event center in Bacolod City, Philippines. Watch out for more 'bully-proof extreme photomanipulations' as inspired by Casey Heynes. They "KICK ASS!" (^_^) INSPIRE/ASPIRE! :)