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Monday, July 4, 2011

Zombie Attack - Profile Pic Hunting

Model: Me and and My Hands...haha :D
Photomanipulation by George Pontino Jr

As a zombie movie fanatic, making a zombie photomanipulation is one image editing work I should and will do. There's this apocalyptic image in my head that somehow echoes everytime I look at my "Doc" photo which was shot by a good friend. So, what I did is shot my hands acting as a zombie and with inspiration from The Walking Dead, I was able imagine the Zombie era..greenish and scratched film look...(see AFTER image)

With the advent of Iphone apps like Instagram, the film look was revived to a new generation of photo enthusiasts. I was hooked to the point I used that mood here using textures and corroded film in Photoshop. I'm happy with the final image but I'm still planning to keep the "realistic" one :)