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Saturday, November 26, 2011

UNLEASH THE DRAGON IN YOU Bruce Lee Machine 2011 and 2012 versions

2012 Version of my Bruce Lee Machine (See 2011 version below)

Bruce Lee turns 71 on Oct. 27 2011 and as a fitting tribute, I planned for something unusual and that's a Steam Punk-inspired Bruce Lee re-evolution machine. An martial arts icon that influenced an era and has a legacy living through the years from different media, Bruce Lee's spirit is here to stay. And to complete that, I used the photo I shot of my good friend Christian Aldana. As for the "camoes" there is good friend Jimm Malvar as the journalist/photographer. ShuffleBot (a fun robo costume created by Skippy Gustilo of Bacolod city, Philippines) appears as the machine operator. For the effects, I manually used lightning and smoke to give life to the industrial look. And for the glass case, I used a drinking glass photo which I added some bubbles to create an aqua-capsule feel to it. :)