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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Tame Your Sound" Photomanipulation

*See The Making below...
Tools: Photoshop CS5 I Mac OSX Lion I Wacom pen and tablet

My intro will be lesser this time for i wanted to highlight the Final and behind the scenes images. This photomanipulation was borne out of a request. Thanks to Ralph Ledesma and his photo taken by Fiel Efenio that I was able to come up with another challenging yet satisfying photomanip that is both mysterious and cute, in a sense. Inspire by the Japanese culture Kawaii and robotics (and maybe transformers), I gathered some juice of creativity for a taming scene. Think of a bulldog being taken out for a walk but this bulldog seems fierce in built but has the cuteness upclose (see the earphone ear I installed on it). Hope you'll be inspired by this image..


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Astro: a sci-fi animated Save the Date

Inspired by Apple's advertising mantra "Think Different", I was challenged to develop a science-fiction based Wedding Teaser for lovely couple Jaevi and Brian Lim. It was in busy December and their big day was fast approaching. I believe that creativity usually is pushed to greater heights when one is pressured. Too many ideas can drown you but with quick decisions and a splash of hardwork it is always possible. And ASTRO, became a possibility. Jaevi and Brian are now expecting their first baby. Congratulations.
(Watch on an iPad) This video is available in my iPad interactive portfolio.. you may download Adobe Content Viewer App then use my Adobe ID account: georgepontinojr@gmail.com with Password: frogprince

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pre-Nuptial Photomanipulation for Jun and Che (A fantasy adventure) Part 1

Weddings are undeniably special. That's why it takes months to prepare a wedding. Couples encounter a massive amount of information overload and decision-making like, for example, in choosing the theme of their once-in-a-lifetime wedding day. And for couple Jun and Che, they have chosena fairy-tale-inspired theme and specifically that of Rapunzel. Challenging to realize but of course it has the magical and lasting appeal not only to the couples to the future guests as well. And to realize that magic, we went to a secret island, 3 hours away from the city, and we had exclusive adventures that of course paved ways to great photography and concepts.
Attached are some photos featuring our adventure and the behind the scene of one of the prenuptial photomanipulations.

BTS SCREENSHOT. One of the pre-nuptial photomanipulations (30% Done as of this writing)

AQUA ADVENTURE. Boat ride to the Secret island

FANTASTIC PLACE. One of my shots of the couple. The island is really a site to behold. This image will be converted soon into a photomanipulation

SERENE SANDBAR. Photography and Videography sessions during sunset
(Shown are photographer Iyo Gaudite and videographer Edgar Pama)

2ND DAY. The bride's make up session by Carlos Durana

This is just a teaser and final photomanioulations will be posted soon.