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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The End of the World isn't Coming (The Elemental Photomanipulation)

After a long hiatus from doing photomanipulations, I'm back with a new series which I playfully called "SQUARED DREAMS". As the title suggests, it's a photoshop work done in square format. Why did I decide to shift from the normal landscape measurements? It's because I found the square figure a powerful form. For one, it gives focus and the other it gives me a smaller area to work on thus challenging my creativity with the limited space. To start off my series, here's THE ELEMENTAL, an image inspired by the Mayan "End of the World" brouhaha which suggests that our dear Earth will face it's impending doom come 12.21.12. My photomanip work though doesn't reflect the usual apocalyptic forces like a quakes, tsunamis, zombies and meteor showers to name a few. But I depicted it by creating a "Save the Earth from Doom" fantasy and mechanical theme with my photography taken years ago. The image connects with Earth matters, Mother Nature and its elements that give hidden meanings in our subconsciousness. It doesn't reflect the "Saving the Earth" concept directly and I  like it to stay mysterious as well as suspenseful. Hope you like this... (Click to Enlarge images)