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Thursday, October 29, 2015

WATCH: A Star Wars and NASA space exploration- influenced Alphabet Song

Star Wars Battlefront is coming to gaming consoles this November while the film Star Wars The Force Awakens will rock cinemas and die-hard fans in December. Isn't it exciting? To celebrate this upcoming epic entertainment media, Fun Learning Factory has created an ABC song for kids that is heavily influenced by Star Wars (with its hyperspeed effect in the middle part of the video) plus a reminiscent of NASA exploration and has the shadow of Roswell 60s alien stuff. This original alphabet version is fun and easy to learn as your kids will feel as if they're the brave astronaut conquering space, meeting a quirky 60s UFO ship and dangerous asteroids along the way. To sum it up, it's not about just learning ABC but it's also a creative adventure that's wide as a child's imagination. Exploration is the keyword as a child tries to figure out the world and space around him or her. After all, space, like creativity, is infinite.  So mom and dad, are your kids ready to explore the galaxy far far away? Watch and enjoy!