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Thursday, November 12, 2015

WATCH: A Road Trip to Awe-inspiring Desert Saudi Arabia Landscapes

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to expatriates from different nations. It is also home to awe-inpiring landscapes that is pulling expats to go on a road trip as a way to combat homesickness and boredom as they are away from their respective countries. A group of Filipino OFW (Overseas Foreign Workers) got to taste the great outdoors with a trip to Thumamah Al Hair Red Sand dunes, where one can ride the ATV bikes during a season when the sun is no longer that terribly boiling hot. As winter season comes near, the desert landscape, south of Riyadh is full of life as people not only spend time driving the big bikes on desert sands but also get to have picnics (sometimes with cooking grilled food) as a sign of camaraderie and relaxation. The accompanying video above encapsulates a story into one event and it is accompanied by my original song entitled DIWATA (meaning fairy goddess), a Filipino song composition I wrote and recorded back in 2000 with my band Majica. The song gives life to our day trip full of adrenaline-filled excitement and nature's wonder. If you want to sing along or understand its meaning, the video comes with a Filipino language caption or subtitle and can be translated to many languages through a YouTube amazing tool - CC  which stands for Closed Captions. Hope the translation serve the video right :)