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Saturday, April 17, 2010

End of Decadence (Going Greek Volcanic)

End of Decadence (Above image before and after) was borne out of a "workless" day (READ: Deadlines met and had nothing to do at the office). I was able to bring my USB Flash on hand and searched folder by folder of archive photos. A photo of me taken by my fellow photography enthusiast, Mike Mendoza, caught my fancy. It was a photo taken in  Usheger, Saudi Arabia where abandoned mudhouses and village abound. Soon, I found myself converting the image into a volcanic drama...set in Ancient Greece. And me--an accidental tourist from the future. It took only less than 4 hours to make and this image evolved minute by minute. It was like playing music by ear.  I believe the hit movie '300' has greatly influenced me in choosing the color scheme. (Click the image to enlarge)